New App Alert! Nokia Video Director – 30 Nov 2013

Nokia Video Director is an app usable on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

This app allows video editing tool set to produce amazing results. The Nokia Video Director assist you on a videography editing journey through a variety of templates and help you select appropriate footage to make a killer video.

For example, pick the audition template and you’ll have a template to help you produce a great video to prepare you on the route to become the next Ultimate Pop Sensation.

There will be step by step guide to  guide your through important things that you should capture – should you be a noob in videography.

Remember a good video is in the essence of contents, and a great video starts with Nokia Video Director.
So here are more tips from the brilliant Nokia Video Director to help you in capturing the essence that make that Great Audition Video!

Download the 20Mb app from Windows Phone Store through the QR Code using your scanner now.

Free Apps Alert (FAA): for WP8 till 02 Dec 2013

Own the super awesome WP8 devices – especially from the Nokia Lumia series?
Well, you have 48hrs to enjoy these downloads of fun Disney games at absolutely no cost!







Free Downloads ends on 02 Dec 2013.  Mai Tu Liao!  Download first and talk later!

Elysium is now avaliable for Free Download

A proud owner of Sony Xperia TABLET Z, Z Ultra or the powerful camera phone Xperia Z1? With your free Xperia Privilege Movies app and equally awesome Free 06 Movies credit you may download them into your mobile device and watch it for free.


Of course, being the TechGeek that i am, i already have a 1080p versionof the movie. Now i am just gonna retain my balance 05 credits until further awesome movies comes out in the next 120 days.

And for those that didn’t manage to get your Privilege Movies to work, here’s proof that the movies can be played.

Steps to get your Privilege Movies to play:
1. Register and download your Privilege Movie app.
2. Key in your redemption code when you create your personal account.
3. Download your choiced redemption via Wifi.
4. Once download is done, switch off your wifi.
5. Play via LTE network, though it doesn’t really use your LTE but somehow the app cannot work when in Wifi.
6. Enjoy your movie.

Am still trying to figure out what format this movie is. Once i get the right answer, maybe i will be able to not use the Privilege MOVIE app to play and have complete freedom for use.


NOTE: MX PLAYER cannot play this format.  This was what i got.

Get your wallets ready for Lumia 1520.

Get your wallets ready for Lumia 1520.

Christmas gift for the techgeeks has never been timed so perfectly.
At an extremely affordable RRP of SGD999 with loads of Freebies, there isn’t any need to think about getting the Nokia Lumia 1520 at all, for all thoughts should only be “Hoot First Talk Later”.

Remember, next time when you cannot decide on what to do with any awesome new gadgets from Nokia that is gonna launch soon, just embrace TheGeekyBeng’s One Rule – Hoot First Talk Later.

With a 10,000mAh Power Pack for first 100 customers, it is really hard not to be the First or nothing customer for me.

Facebook Beta for WP8 is now (ALMOST) instant with the notifications

Having installed Facebook Beta app on my beloved Lumia 1020 (AT&T version) for the last 18hrs, I must say this has gotta be the most complete improvement to Facebook app by Microsoft for the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Here’s the Changelog in case you need to know what’s new:

  • Faster and more reliable notifications
  • Toasts for Facebook chat
  • Redesigned primary tile
  • Redesigned secondary tiles for chat, events, groups, pages, and photo albums
  • Messaging improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for additional languages

Inset on Left: Live Tile of Facebook App with FB Messenges – ironically, it is a lot less irritating that ChatHeads.
Inset on Right: How the new Facebook Messages will appear the moment you login.


Scan the QR Code here to download the latest updated Facebook Beta app