TheGeekyBeng and his new simple toy

After resisting making two trips to Sim Lim Square for the past 24hrs, TGB has succumbed and decided to pick up his new toys.

presenting the Sony Dual USB thumbdrivres. white and black available at V3 in Sim Lim Square now for a retail price of 43.90.

TheGeekyBeng goes Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE)

After gym yesterday, decided to go Vivocity Mall for some light shopping and took a detour to test out the new Marina Coastal Expressway.

Nice wide roads, very welcoming and the speed limit at 80KM *which meants 89KM for me* was a gesture that my “right foot” cannot resist – since I took KPE (Kallang-PayaLebar Expressway) a lot and I always get tired of driving at 79KM/hr.

Most impressive with the scenic exit that we have at the western end of the MCE.

VIDEO SHOT ENTIRELY on the super awesome Nokia Lumia 1520.

[Free App Alert] New York Times available for free download

Comes with 30 days free subscription for WP8 users. Perfect for your Lumia 1520 reading pleasure.


But there’s a catch.  You need to input your credit card details etc. to gain the free 30days subscription after which by the 4th week, you must remember to cancel the initial free subscription if you are like me, cheapo when it comes to subscription.  Hope my details would not become another one of this news later …

Installation Procedure
Press the Search searchbutton on your Lumia phone and then tap Vision vision
Scan the QR Code below


[Coming Soon] Sony’s Dual Connector USB Thumbdrive to start retailing on 30th Dec 2013 in Singapore

Need USB On-The-Go (OTG) but don’t want to carry your USB Dongle around to connect to your Micro-USB enabled smart phone device?

Fret not!  Sony’s Dual Connector USB Thumbdrive will be retailing in Singapore starting from 30th December 2013.
That’s right people!  Personally, TheGeekyBeng thinks that it is ALWAYS better to have your own Thumbdrive and carry it within 5m of whereever you are storing vital information so that only you have private access to it.  But oh the pain to carry a USB OTG Dongle is such a crap when it comes to having another accessory.

How does the awesome tiny device from Sony works?
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