Ridiculously Good Battery Life of Lumia 1520

I know the Lumia 1520 has a good battery life, but this is too ridiculous.

Here we go.

I usually don’t charge overnight, so I remove it from charge after full charge at 12:40am last night.

Outstanding Service Level from Nokia Care Centre Singapore – KUDOS!

As with my last post, I had to send my beloved Nokia Lumia 1520 into the “Mobile Phone Hospital” or Service Centre for repairs.  Many of us tech-geeks dread visiting these places.  Long queues aside, the poor service, the way they check your device like as though you were some criminal – though that being their protocol to check the device, some of these service crew lacked basic EQ to manage the already frustrated customers with their CPIB style checking and investigative analysis of your device  – bedside manners lacking yes.

But this particular trip to Nokia Service Centre in HarbourFront/Vivocity has given me hopes that Nokia has actually hear us and is truly seeking to improve their aftersales service with a great team at the Service Centre.
Firstly, I sent my device in on a Monday at 3pm in the afternoon, with a simple and sincere plea – “I need to fly off on Thurs morning first thing, so can I please get it by Weds afternoon/evening so that I can bring it along?”

Many of you who have read my earlier post would remember how badly damaged my screen was.

It was almost beyond repairs – I was really trying my best with my most radiant smile to get them to agree with me.

The service lady, Jasmine, promptly and readily agreed to my request and told me she will expedite it – I do think it is great to play nice, a long forgotten trait of many Singaporeans – we in our very tiny and closed-up way think that we are entitled to everything – well, at least most keyboard warriors.

So yesterday evening at 7pm while I was busy sweating it out during my Spinning Class in California Gym Bugis, I received a text message from Nokia, saying that my device is ready for pick-up.
All I can just think of was, WOW!!!  Within 28hrs and they settled everything?  SWEE lah!  Too bad, by the time my Spinning Class end and i hit the showers, it was already 745pm.  Not enough time to make it back home to get the Service Form and make it down to Vivocity to collect.

So i decided to collect it today, after lunch.  And guess what, not only the service was completely free-of-charge, I gotten a total fix of even the tiniest issues like a dead pixel and the dreaded Lumia 1520 light sensor bug.  On top of that, I collected the phone from submission of my Service Form to leaving the NCC within 5 mins – making my parking at Vivocity – FREE – plus i managed to spend a minute in my car chatting with a friend before I made my way up to NCC.

The Shiny New Screen of my beloved Lumia 1520 is now back, shinier than ever!

Best part of my experience with Nokia today?
I plugged in my Nano-SIM, did a soft-reset so that the phone can recalibrate itself to my old account and eveything was back in order in 20mins – just the way that I left it on Monday – all thanks to WP8’s unique backup system from your MS Account.


Oh dear Lumia 1520, how I missed you so.  Daddy’s gonna bring you to Phuket tomorrow to take some really good shots ok?

Great Service deserves a mention – Well Done Nokia Singapore (& of course their PR agency) & Vector Magnetics.

Was really down on my luck on Sunday and Monday, when these things happened back to back.

1. All ATM Machines around Whampoa Market totally went out of cash – had to buy some stuffs from the Provision Shop.
2. While carrying Lunar New Year stuffs back home, knocked my thigh against my Stainless Steel frame dining table and well, my precious Lumia 1520’s screen cracked into a bazillion pieces.
3. Still proceeded for a quick Mahjong session after that and lost $180 on the table (biggest loser)
4. Came back decided to transfer my stuffs from my Lumia out and swap the 64GB in the Lumia to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra since I need to switch main phones now – guess what the SanDisk MicroSD Card (barely 03 months old) became corrupted after that – and that was the FIRST TIME i removed it from wherever it was placed.
Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.59.01 am

So decided to just bite the bullet and face the music – taking one step at a time each.

1. Contacted Nokia’s PR agency to see if they can help me with expediting the repairs for this on Sunday afternoon (5 mins after the incident) – and the ever helpful Ms. B.Y. promised to get back to me by the next day afternoon.
2. Decided to contact Vector Magnetics and see what they can help me with (it was a lucky thing that I usually have backups every other week.) replacements and yes they could of course at an additional cost of $20 (beats buying a new one).

So i proceeded to get my get replacement 64GB SanDisk MicroSD Card at Fortune Centre, taking public transport instead of driving into the horrible Middle Road area while at the same time corresponding with Nokia SG’s PR Agency on the status of the repairs and if they can expedite it so that I can make it in time for my Chinese New Year getaway in Phuket on Thursday.

Met with a very friendly Pinoy crew there, I must say, his service is excellent – everything was settled within 5 mins.

And seeing the TechGeek that I am, he started chatting with me on the mobile devices that is upcoming – and of course, he mentioned to me that my case is the very first Nokia Lumia case that corrupted the SD Card.

Here’s a list of easiest corruptible SD Card by brands from Worst to least:
1. Samsung (Especially Note 3 and S4)
2. LG
4. Sony
5. Motorola
6. Nokia
Ok let’s be fair here, maybe Nokia Lumias doesn’t have much SD-Card enable devices until lately and also Motorola doesn’t have much devices in Singapore also – that was my argument with him, but he did mention that it is EXTREMELY common for Samsung devices to corrupt your SD cards – so users beware!

So we were happily chatting about the upcoming devices, like Jolla Sailfish and also XiaoMi Mi3 when suddenly Nokia’s PR agency texted me with regards to a firm reply from Nokia.

Apparently, as I have been a firm supporter and true believer of Nokia products – thus they are more than happy to do the following:1. Expedite on the repairs so that I can bring the phone to Phuket for some great photography.
2. All repairs for my case only will be completely FOC!

So i made my way down to Nokia Service Centre and looked for Jasmine, who promptly settled my case in under 10mins.

So see, even when you are feeling down on your luck and everything else seems to go against you – in darkness there will always be light.  🙂

So thank you to both Nokia Singapore and Vector Magentics for the great service and making a man’s seemingly down-and-out day turn for the better.  HUAT AH!

The Nokia Android Phone – becoming more real with time

From a very reliable source, apparently there is a leaked image of the Nokia Normandy – Nokia A110 – running on (surprise surprise) Android KitKat 4.4.1 … wow!


Apparently this was leaked from an Indonesian FCC Documentation …

Nice move Nokia, Nice move – since Blackberry is dying worldwide and Indonesia is practically Blackberry’s stronghold (until lately) it is a very strategic move if you were to release in Indonesia first.

But but but, don’t forget one of your most loyal fans here at TGB.  Yes yes, let me play with the phone first pretty please!

TGB rants about Magazine UX

At this juncture of technological advancement, I do think that Apple is doing a great job of not coming out with anything (significantly) new in the last 18 months.
Why is that so?  Simple, when Samsung has no one else to copy – they start to copy … you guessed it Windows 8 – especially when their own WP8 devices (what’s the device’ name again?) sucked BIG TIME!
So first of all well done Mr Cook, I love you for stopping Samsung’s blatant copying of your company’s hardwork.

At the recent CES 2014, Samsung has (sort-of) announced their new “overlay” to their Android TouchWhiz UI … and guess what …
Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 12.29.53 PMScreenshot (26)

Welcome to the Windows 8 world baby!

Oh yes, those blind fanboys and perhaps their paid students might now wage an online war to “promote” the fact that this Magazine UX is the world’s most ‘divine’ innovation that is NOT an out-right copy of Windows 8 …
And today we have the alleged leak of the the “Holy-crap-on-a-crap” of an innovation of the Samsung’s Maagzine UX, that’s right, on their smartphone devices.


Alleged Samsung Magazine UX for Mobile Devices to be overlaid on their highly stupid TouchWhiz – more like TouchAlreadyYou’llBecomePissed!

well guess what … here’s another picture for you!
wp_ss_20140120_0003 wp_ss_20140120_0005
Oh yes, these are screenshots that I took OFF my Nokia Lumia 1520 just minutes ago … and it is BING WEATHER app … something that I use everyday.  Resemblance much?  Even down to the use of font types is eerily similar.

So do you think that Microsoft/Nokia should go ahead and start a lawsuit against Samsung?
Don’t call me a hater of Samsung, just call me, The Anti-Samsung.

Android Lovers, please don’t waste your time with this copycat of a brand.  Abandon Samsung now.  Go for Sony … their products are of quality built and last longer – for those with guts, go for XiaoMi – cheap, good and packs a punch.  If you want to try other OSes, go for Nokia Lumia – you won’t go wrong.  And for the most intuitive way of using a Mobile Platform, stick to Apple.