TGB’s not-so-much-of-a-rant Rant about XiaoMi #RedMi

For someone who have never really purchased a non-flagship device for my personal use I seriously have no idea why I am so crazy over a totally cheap device that is not top-of-the-range but have a very decent Mid-range specifications.

Today marks the 4th attempt that TGB tried to get elusive XiaoMi RedMi device.

First Attempt: On last Friday, 21 Feb 2014, official online launch on XiaoMi Singapore site – Parked at the site since 8am … still failed to get a set at official launch time of 12pm – devices sold out in 8mins.

2nd Attempt: Following day of online launch, supposed to have some “loose sets” that have their online deal fell through – still missed out on it.

3rd Attempt: Second batch of official online sale – Parked on site since 11am … but missed out on the 12pm launch due to meetings and the entire SingTel + Whatsapp charging saga. *slaps myself in the face.*

4th Attempt: Upon hearing that SingTel is selling RRP sets at S$169 if you purchase Pre-Paid Data Card, rushed down to Bugis Outlet HELLO SHOP, yet still failed to secure  a set.  Apparently, each outlet is only given 10sets.

Seriously I have no idea why I am “working so hard” to try to get that super cheap low-end device.

Maybe it it time to focus on getting my Sony Xperia Z2, Tablet Z2, Nokia XL and finally the super-elusive, Nokia Lumia 2520.

An easier & legal method to get that app on WP8 which is not available in your country

A couple of days ago, an old friend who is currently using the Mega-Camera Phone, Nokia Lumia 1020 was facing an issue with his recent purchase of an equally high-end purchase of a Parrot Zik headset, only to find that the Suite App for Parrot Audio is not compatible or not downloadable in our tiny red island of Singapore.

Fear not people, as TheGeekyBeng has a simple and effective solution for you which doesn’t involve hacking.

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Fate decree that TGB shall not have RedMi

Today marks the third attempt (second being last Saturday’s “wild sets”) to own a XiaoMi RedMi device.
Perhaps fate is really telling TGB that “thou shall not own the Mi!” …

Now the real challenge is the launch of XiaoMi Mi3 as TheGeekyBeng has been tasked or as his friends would prefer to use this term, “Outsourced” with the task of getting the super cheap and highly capable device.

Share with TGB on what’s your RedMi online purchase experience like here please!

SingTel makes a clear stand on the topic of Whatsapp being chargable for Post-Paid Subscribers.

SingTel have made a clear statement on their Facebook post to clarify about the whole charging for Whatsapp usage saga.

Quote from SingTel’s post:

“There seems to be some misunderstanding on this topic, so we thought we should clarify. SingTel would like to assure our customers that we do not plan to charge them separately for the use of services like WhatsApp.”

First and foremost, thank you @SingTel for clearing up the entire situation as TGB had personally made a call to SingTel’s 1688 Customer Service helpline to verify about the situation at 11:30am this morning, with no apparent firm answer until somewhere around 1pm, which was already after I have made the first update to my earlier post.

  1. The ‘Whatsapp Pass’ is a value-added service aimed at providing a manageable data usage plan for heavy Whatsapp users on SingTel’s Post-paying subscription with limited or no-data plans at all.
  2. Also, they have in no sense any immediate plans to charge users for Whatsapp usage.

Once again, now that this is cleared, let’s give SingTel and break and focus on what good gadgets you need to get with your SingTel line.

*peace out.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact – is ready for Pre-order with exclusive goodies

The Sleek and Colourful device, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is finally ready for Pre-Order here in Singapore.
Preorder period for the device will begin tomorrow, 28 February 2014, through to 13 March 2014 at a SRP of S$798.

Preorders will be available at Sony Store Wisma Atria, Sony Store Bugis, Sony Store Changi Airport Terminal 3, Sony Store IMM, Sony Store Nex, Sony Centre Funan, Sony Centre Jurong Point, Sony Centre Sim Lim, Sony Centre Bedok Mall, Sony Centre Woodlands Domestic, Sony Centre Jem, Sony Centre Marina Square.

16_Xperia_Z1_Compact_LowLight 15_Xperia_Z1_Compact_Waterproof

Those who purchase the Xperia Z1 Compact during the preorder period will also enjoy an exclusive bundle edition worth S$150, consisting of the Stereo Bluetooth Headphone SBH20,  and Shell cover clear case.


Sony Bluetooth Headset – no idea what’s the colours available to you for free though.


Sony Magnetic Charging Dock – DK32


Update:  Sony’s PR Agency has informed me that collection will be dutifully informed by the respective stores that you order from.  So people, prepare your wallets!

Dear #SingTel, WTF are you thinking? What is #IDA doing ? Charging for #Whatsapp #usage?

UPDATE 3 [6:45pm, 27th Feb 2014]:  SingTel Clears the Air over the possiblity of charging Post-Paying Subscribers for using Whatsapp.  CASE CLOSED.

UPDATE 2 [2:50pm, 27th Feb 2014]: Just received an email from a guy by the name of ‘Joe Tan’ with the email account .  Thanks for your ‘initiative’ to want to share this article to TRE and TRS, but no thanks.  My post is in no-sense to attack SingTel or its services, but to seek clarifications and the truth behind this, bearing in mind that the first wave of images started on TRS itself.

UPDATE 1 [12:30pm, 27th Feb 2014]:  According to a HWZ Forum Post this plan was implemented several months ago and it is catered for those who don’t have an existing Data Plan or would like to reduce their Data usage from Whatsapp.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.22.34 pm

Here’s TheGeekyBeng’s Two Cents on this matter:
1. How much DATA can your Whatsapp take?  For a heavy user like me, the most I did was 500MB (still have some left over)
2. To be fair, if this was catered to those people whom are using their Smart Phones without Data plans, then Kudos to Singtel, however I would recommend Singtel to rephrase their statement properly and also market this clearer to the right target audience – If you need help marketing, TheGeekyBeng’s daytime business would be perfect to help you drive your message across.

Meantime, in case I have been overly agitated, kindly forgive me.



Can dearest Singapore’s IDA please come out and make a statement about this? Why are we paying EXTRA for an APP that relies on the Data Plans that we are paying for, in my case I am paying for 10Gb extra Data every month?

Is IDA sleeping? Can IDA please step in and ask SingTel to wake up their idea?