Free MS Office for Android and iOS – Limited Time only

Apparently there is a free download of the all powerful Microsoft Office available today for iOS and Android OS.

Free Microsoft Office for iOS HERE
Free Microsoft Office for Android Platform HERE

There is a kicker though.

Free MS Office - doesn't download on Xperia Z Ultra

For some weird reasons, TGB’s Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the only device that cannot download the Freebie.

Devices that TGB has managed to download the freebie.

  • iPod Touch 5th Gen
  • iPad Mini
  • XiaoMi Mi3
  • Sony Xperia Z1
  • Sony Xperia Z

No Samsungs was touched in the process.  but TGB would love to get his hands on the new HTC M8 and try out how MS Office works on it.  *big wide grin*



APK Found.  Microsoft Office installed on my Xperia Z Ultra.  Thus it will work with ALL Android Tablets also.
Google for the APK or be nice and ask me nicely for it. 🙂


[A Reliable Rumour] Launch of Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 in Singapore

Amidst all the chatter about the super-powerful camera device, Sony’s Xperia Z2’s confusing launch date in Singapore, TGB has  gotten word that Sony’s Workhorse-of-a-Tablet, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 will be launched in Mid-April 2014 at all Sony Centres and Sony Authorised Retailers Islandwide.

No word on the “Freebies” as of yet, but the LTE Version will be priced at S$888 while the Wifi-only Version will be priced at S$688 as previously mentioned.

TGB will definitely be Pre-ordering (I mean, really was that even a question?) the Xperia Tablet Z2 from his favourite Sony Retail store and of course, demanding that he should get the following accessories along with his proud new purchase.


BSC-10 – NFC-Enabled BlueTooth Speaker Dock: Good for conducting Meetings in Office Conference Room via Skype.

BKC50 – NFC-Enabled BlueTooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand: Fit for a busy businessman like TheGeekyBeng


And don’t forget the  NFC-Enabled BRH-10 Remote Controller + Handsfree Answering Kit.  I believe this comes free with every Tablet Z2 Purchase worldwide.

Ok people, Standby your wallets.

More to come from Nokia … #expectMoreLumia

The stage is set for Nokia to unveil their new devices at the change of the month in NYC.
Come 2nd April 2014 at 1700hrs (EST), Nokia is set to unveil their much rumoured new products or these extremely familiar codenames:

  • MoneyPenny aka Nokia Lumia 630 (device number TBC)
  • Martini aka Nokia Lumia 930 (device number TBC)

So what would TGB be doing on 3rd April 2014, Tues at 6am?  I would be skipping gym and be watcing the Live Telecast of this event then.


Time to call my PT and tell him that my James Bond physique can put on hold for one morning or not?

Sony Xperia Z2 Pre-Order gets real with dates and confirmed Freebies

Just received this email from Sony Mobile Singapore’s PR Agency.

Sony Singapore is pleased to announce that pre-order for Xperia Z2 will be available from 26 March to 13 April 2014. What’s more, those who pre-order the Xperia Z2 during this period will receive a SmartBand SWR10 (in black) for free!

Sony SmartBand SRW10

Sony SmartBand SRW10

Retail price S$ 998, inclusive of GST
Availability Pre-order available only at Sony Stores and Sony Centres
Collection May 2014 (exact date to be advised)


And yes, TGB has already confirmed his Pre-Order with his favourite Retailer since this morning … Thanks V3, pls remember that I wanna be the FIRST to collect hor! KThanxBye!

I mourn for Z2

Just heard news from my sources that Sony’s Xperia Z2 is really lacking in stocks.
So Singapore’s stock will only be available for pick-up on 16th May 2014.

What’s worse is that the superbly awesomeness thing known as SmartBand is only arriving in End-May 2014.

Thank you loh Sony, Thanks ah!