Which mobile phone devices are the choice of Ex-SHIELD Agents?

Which mobile phone devices are the choice of Ex-SHIELD Agents?

Answers in the photo. That’s right, Director Nick Fury should hire TheGeekyBeng as a key Agent of SHIELD – perhaps as one of the main liaison for the Avengers and at the same time promoting devices to the world man.

Really, here we have a screenshot of Agent Maria Hill (portrayed by none other than the super sexy, Robin Scherbatsky or as the actress is known, Cobie Smulders) using the extremely hackers-free, long lasting and built for Mjölnir’s Thunderous attack … my (let me count) 12 devices ago device, the Nokia Lumia 920.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this clip. http://screencrush.com/agents-of-shield-maria-hill-nothing-personal-man-thing-pepper-potts-cap/

Oh did I mention that Maria Hill is now gonna work for Stark Industry, kinda reports to Ms Potts after the whole Cpt America 2: The Winter Soldier storyline?

Awesomeness has no limits! Check out Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airing in a couple of hours more. Two more episode before end of the season. Can’t wait!

So where’s the crowd ShameDung!

The ShameDung GaLazy aSs 5 launched in Singapore with a lot of noise but no actual crowd.  As usual, TGB have friends all over the island who shares the same sentiments on how much of a crap the ShameDung’s products are.

So here are some of the pictures that friends TGB have shared with him.  Thanks to R.ong for the images.

Picture taken at Collyer Quay M1 Shop … and there is ZERO Q for the Galaxy S5. Looks like it is gonna be a huge failure.

So where’s the crowd Samsung?

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 – best protection with Sony Style Cover SCR12

Since the launch of Sony’s much anticipated Xperia Tablet Z2 is around the corner (72hrs and counting – maybe less I hope) … TGB is looking around at the possible protection that his beloved new Tablet should be getting when he gets his hands on it.

SCR12-Style-Cover-Stand-gallery-01-1240x840-36051c25ce9507ef17bbebab93520123 SCR12-Style-Cover-Stand-black-1240x840-92cff66105b45f2e8a6043016826a30d SCR12-Style-Cover-Stand-smart-protective-cover-fdd91f03464f27b103768ed3b8b33f21-940


Sony Style Cover – RRP S$58.00 at all Sony Stores islandwide now.

Although, TGB would rather be getting this …

BKC50-Bluetooth-Keyboard-with-Tablet-Cover-Stand-gallery-03-1240x840-1adea8a34b8076b25aba1798c6212f54 BKC50-Bluetooth-Keyboard-with-Tablet-Cover-Stand-black-1240x840-bc1af015f543b87cb5d4644bc96a7851


Oh well, time to wait for V3’s call … Time goes by so slowly.