First Impressions – Sony SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk – #DemandGreat #XperiaDetails

To follow-up with Sony Mobile’s SEA Media Launch Event held in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre yesterday, TGB is thrilled to bring his first impressions of the two wearable devices further improved and enhanced by Sony Mobile over the last two years of wearable tech in the market.


As the number denotes, this is the 3rd iteration of Sony’s SmartWatch – following the highly usable and successful launch of SmartWatch 2.  For the first time in Sony Mobile’s Wearable device history, the SmartWatch is now armed with Android Wear updates.  Which means, you can leave your phone at home, while you just bring out your SmartWatch 3, pair it with your Bluetooth Headset and go for a run, while your music is synced seamlessly into your SmartWatch (This is really cool) and your running progress is still tracked on the built-in GPS inside the watch, giving you total concentration on your run – when it matters.

The SmartWatch 3 comes with built-in Accelerometer, Compass, Gyro and GPS Sensor that allows for an even higher accuracy in your lifelogging lifestyle – sounds like my perfect watch … now, does it comes in ROLEX?


The SmartWatch 3 also has a 4GB local memory and Bluetooth Capabilities, that you can sync playlist and directly to your Bluetooth headset without your phone – which I have covered earlier.  Charging is an ease with SmartWatch 3, as it works with your very basic MicroUSB Ports to charge below the IP68 device – yes that’s right, Water and Dust Proof FTW baby!!!  Time to hit the gym with this baby more often.

Sony’s new SmartWatch 3 will be launched in Classic (Black) and Sports (Lime) Edition at an irresistible price of S$298 towards the end of October 2014.  Of course, as TGB has spotted during the Event, there are plenty of other coloured strap for you to choose from.

Of course, here’s a quick screen of how your SmartPhone will look like with the AndroidWear app on.
DSC_0090 DSC_0089 DSC_0091

(ps. TGB failed at getting the SmartWatch 3 to work properly beyond, OK Google … so thus there will be no videos to showcase.  LOL)


Ah yes, the device that TGB is actually looking forward to more than anyone of the others announced at the launch yesterday.  The Sony SmartBand Talk.

Well, the Video says it all … an awesome Dick Tracy style device – that you can make phone calls from your wrist while tracking your lifestyle and finally, doesn’t require a charge every single other day – yes, I am talking about you MOTO360!

At the price tag of S$228, with so much features packed into the device, one might wonder how to choose between the SmartWatch 3 and the SmartBand Talk.   Simple, get the SmartBand Talk.  It is the right device if you are leading an active lifestyle and want to stand out.

Just look at the colours that the SmartBand Talk offers … I will have the straps in Bright Pink and Bright Orange pls!!! HUAT AH!

See how much fun the Sony Ladies are having demonstrating the devices to us?  I think she totally didn’t know that I was taking her picture.

The SmartBand Talk works with any NFC Enabled Sony Devices  … for those of us who are using SmartBand will know how painless it is to sync up to your device through Sony’s signature One-Touch feature.

And the SmartBand Talk allows you to, yes , add Apps to the device.  Pretty much like SmartWatch 2 style but you can do more with it.  Really a super impressive wearable tech.  When the API becomes official to developers, I am sure we can come out with a lot more apps to play on the super energy saving wearable device.  That’s right, the SmartBand Talk is touted to have a battery life of 04 days of continuous usage.  Considering that I only charge my SmartBand once every week, with the 1.4″ e-Paper Display and integrated Voice Control featured on the SmartBand Talk, i think 04 days is really good battery life.  The low-power device lets you monitor your lifelog, view notifications and of course, works like a watch to view the date and time at a glance.

Of course, SmartBand Talk is IP68 rated, thus again, WATERPROOF For the Win!!!

Due to release in Singapore market towards end of October 2014 at the price of S$228 in Black or White colours, the SmartBand Talk will feature a huge array of coloured straps and 3rd Party wearable straps.

Sony is really gearing up for taking over as the top Android device with the Z3 series and their wearable techs.

TheGeekyBeng is really proud that he has been a firm believer of Sony for a while, and once again can’t thank the PR agency for inviting me to the launch party.


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