Your DropBox Account Might have been compromised!

TGB’s Dropbox account was compromised today


Have your account been compromised?

Steps to check:
1. Login to your Dropbox account now.
2. Check on your security settings and remove ALL unwanted connections and sessions.
3. Promptly remove all OLD DEVICE connections from your Dropbox account, including the existing ones.
4. Change Password.
5. Do a full reinstallation of your Dropbox connection again.

For a safer peace of mind …
6. Drag out all important documents from Dropbox.
7. Transfer them to your Microsoft ONEDRIVE Account with immediate effect.

TGB now has to transfer 80GB of important office documents to his OneDrive.



1 comment

  1. Dropbox isn’t actually hacked. It’s false news.

    But I agreed OneDrive is more secure especially if you enabled 2FA. I did it a long time ago.

    If you want even more security on the desktop, install EMET 5.0. Using IE11 + EMET, hackers were unable to crack the browser as of last Defcon (IIRC),

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