The Jover Chew Saga – TGB weighs in with his own pleasant experience in SLS.

TheGeekyBeng have been relatively quiet with regards to the Jover Chew saga for a couple of reasons.

1. Personally, he have done enough homework to know his stuffs that he doesn’t get conned by unscrupulous business tactics.
2. He have never really encountered such tactics in his life – in fact, TGB is proud of his billion dollar smile and his Ah Beng antics that these are endearing traits between him and his favourite shops/stalls/cashiers at FairPrice.
3. Lastly, which is the most important … TGB actually is from the same Mono-intake with Jover Chew Chiew Loon back in March 1999 at the 9th Mono-intake for 20SA in Amoy Quee Camp – and he refused to be reminded of the painful days in Amoy Quee Camp with the likes of Jover Chew.  On a happier note, he is glad that fate has intervened and made him go Out-Of-Course during the BMT period which result in a series of transfer out of Amoy Quee Camp, or else TGB might have joined his peers in becoming one of the SLS salesman.

Most of you might have known that TGB swears by going to Sim Lim Square to make his monthly purchases of Sony products at a particular shop in SLS.  That’s right, the Sony Retail store in Sim Lim Square, V3 Audio and Video Pte Ltd located on 3rd Floor.

Story begins two years ago when TGB attended a Sony Xperia Z training class held at Orchard Mandarin with his best friend who had bought a Xperia Z from SingTel.  There Sony Mobile Singapore conducted an auction for 03 sets of Xperia Z (after seeing how good the Xperia Z is, TGB decided there and then to get the Xperia Z) and V3 Audio and Video was the official retailer setting up shop within the hotel to sell the devices.  Well of course, that day, TGB didn’t just buy a Xperia Z, he have managed to build a long lasting and cordial relationship with the folks from V3.  Of course, that was after spending over 1K on the Xperia Z and the Sony’s Noise-cancellation Headset (which RRP is still at S$628 but TGB got them at a steal with the S$368 price tag).  But the experience TGB had with the team at V3 was immensely pleasant.

The staff was friendly and helpful, in fact, they weren’t even trying to just sell you something.  They were really there to provide you with information and knowledge, that will help guide you along to the device that suits you.

So to say that V3 is one of the reason that turned TGB into a Sony fanatic is nothing short of correct.
-> so that’s about my favourite store in SLS.

Now to talk about my favourite Ah Beng Handphone shop located in the same vicinity – in Burlington Square – Mobile Hardware Pte Ltd (ADIX82 bro, this is for you man!).

ADIX82 as always been prominent figure on HWZ Forums, like yours truly.  Over the years, we have crossed swords many time and through these crossing of opinions and ideals, from Nokia to Samsung to iPhone, a relationship was forged between TGB and MHW.  Whatever TGB needs outside of Sony and Nokia, Mobile Hardware is the place to go for TGB.  ADIX will always be there, with a ready smile, a sincere word of advice on how to use the device and definitely the best price in the market for purchase – and yes, if he is offering the best price, why doesn’t TGB get his Sony or Nokia devices from Mobile Hardware?  Simple reason, there are some money that should be spread out to make everyone happy.  And TGB buys enough gadgets to be visiting shops like V3 and MHW on a monthly basis.

So enough of hate, and enough of condemning SLS shops or similar Ah Beng Handphone shops set-up around that area.  There are decent stores that you can get good-value-for-money products with a lot of freebies thrown in also.

Here’s the secret, DEVELOP a personal “trade” relationship with them.  Make yourself prominent with them.  And trust me, down the road, you will get the BEST in deals and offers from these retailers.

One thought on “The Jover Chew Saga – TGB weighs in with his own pleasant experience in SLS.

  1. You’re right. The trick of shopping at SLS is to find a trusted retailer & just buy from them even if they’re a few dollars more expensive.

    If you know them, they will not sell you goods that others have rejected. They’ll give you goods that you can claim warranty, instead of parallel imported ones.

    I’ve been shopping there since 1992 during my poly days.

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