Sony Pictures backed down from threats of terrorism by pulling “The Interview” from global release


U.S. Confirming North Korea Behind Sony Hacks?

US Federal Agencies are confirming that North Korean Elite Hacking group is behind the recent Sony Pictures mass hack that has thrown the dark and dirty secrets of Hollywood Film production into the ironical limelight.

It is a sad day for film lovers like TGB worldwide, and even scarier to know that Cyberterrorism can make a big company like Sony Pictures tremble in fear and pull their film off the big screen, at USD44 Million spendings no less.

Heartwarming video from Microsoft – showing how Windows Operating Devices is already a huge part of our daily lives.

#LumiaXmas is here!

Well done Microsoft.  Just in time for the Holiday Season, this heartwarming video shows you how Microsoft Window Devices have became a part of our daily lives.

PS.  TGB had the privilege to see this video before most people outside of Microsoft a week earlier, and I was told that this very family oriented video is shot entirely in South East Asia, and the whole family you see in the video, well, they are a real family that uses 100% Microsoft devices.

Talk about being a Fanboy.