More leaks on the Xperia Z4 – Functional design meets classy taste perfection

As TGB is very busy this quarter with his day job, he shall keep this post quick and simple.
If this leaked image(s) is really the new Z4 … Please, take my money now.

Seriously, how can they perfect such design standards with mind-blowing technology like this new opened USB Port at the bottom which is also Water-Resistant.

Can’t wait to go for a swim again with a new toy.

Xperia-Z4-Render_3-640x406 Xperia-Z4-Render_2-640x406 Xperia-Z4-Render_1-640x406

Pics from @Onleaks via

There is a reason why Apple didn’t show us the Dongles for the new MacBook during their Keynote.


Last night’s Apple Special Keynote in San Francisco as usual was an impressive show of Apple’s marketing and branding prowess.  Since TGB wanted to change his laptop in the office (as usual his annual excuse to “upgrade”), so took the opportunity to stay up late and watch the entire Keynote.

For you Apple Fanboys out there, i have to admit during the Keynote I was totally swept over by all the fascinating jargons that the entire team from Apple threw at us – the immaculate choice of words to describe each product brought me from a ZZZ mode during the HBOnow! presentation to a full-blown Fanboy mode at 02:17hrs in Singapore on my 46″ Philips LED TV which I was streaming from my (now seemingly old) MacBook Air via AppleTV Airplay (see even though I am not an Apple Fanboy but I do own quite a bit of Apple products.).

So let’s focus on the new MacBook – which is the middle ground in naming convention between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

At an impressive 12″  screen with thinner body, lighter frame and fanless technology, what is there not to love about it?

Well, of course, other than the USB Type C Port that Apple has introduced last night.
Here’s a picture courtesy of FoxConn for you people who don’t know what USB-C is all about.


Well, it is thinner, smaller, idiot-proof and finally multi-purpose.

Let’s put this into perspective.

You use one port to charge your device, connect to your existing USB Ports, connect to YVG, connect to HDMI and perhaps someone might come up with a way to Telepathically connect to your mind?

So is one Port enough some of you might ask?

I am coming from a totally un-fanboy POV, so here we go.

If you embrace the entire Apple Eco-system, with Apple TV, Airplay etc … you actually don’t see so many ports.

My biggest issue here is that Apple with this announcement have effectively thrown all the USB Flash Drives existence out of the window.  Because right now, Apple have just decided to axe away my entire office setup for my MacBook Air with this new model that have sprung up.

Which effectively means all the cables that I have bought in the last year have been rendered redundant.  My Adaptor, my VGA adaptor, my HDMI Adaptor etc.

All to cater to this USD79 beast …

Well, as much as I was ready to “upgrade” my MacBook Air and pass it down to my staff so that I can use a spanking new machine … I am glad i took a deep sleep before “writing” about the new MacBook … because if I had written about it while I was watching the Keynote, I would have been in Fanboy mode … right now, after I am wide-awake and clear headed … I have decided that I don’t need the MacBook – GOLD or not …

But I am still upgrading my 11″ MacBook Air to the updated MacBook Air 13″ … so hello EpiCentre – TGB is coming to buy more products.

Microsoft finally have gotten their marketing formula right … Lumia 640 XL up for Pre-Order due to launch within 4 weeks of MWC announcement.s


Microsoft have outdone themselves again, shedding the horrific marketing strategy previously embraced by Nokia during the initial phases of Lumia announcements to up their game-play with an almost-immediate launch of the Lumia 640 XL in European market – making them available in UK on 7th April 2015 and rumoured to be launched by 16th April 2015 in other European markets.

The newly announced device, which became official during the recent MWC 2015 (which TGB is very sad that he is once again NOT invited to attend.) has became quite the hot topic for forums and tech-lovers discussion both online and offline.

Sporting a powerful 13mp camera (though less Pureview technology) the Lumia 640 XL is one mid-range powerhouse that not only is big on screen, we are talking about a 5.7″ beast here for all you size-queens; huge on battery life with a 3,000mAh removable battery packed inside the device; thin in your pocket at 9mm thick with a weight of 171g; it is definitely one of the most affordable LTE-enabled phones that money can buy at US$242.00.   Fret not about the seemingly small 8GB storage space as it comes with FREE ONE DRIVE STORAGE (1TB for One Year) as the device comes armed with FREE MS Office 365 and arm yourself with FREE 60mins of SKYPE CALLS (not entirely sure if it is per month or one time.), that is on top of your expandable memory slot, which (let’s not be too generous here) should suffice at 64GB.

Lumia 640 XL

What the TGB is looking forward to is the Dual-SIM Version of the Lumia 640 XL to replace it as his Dad’s daily driver.  TGB’s Father cannot live without his trusty Lumia 1320 – due to the kickass screen-size and of course, as all Singaporean Active Agers are, they LOVE 4D!!!  So armed with the HUAT AH!  4D & Toto App, my Dad always have FREE Results by 640pm every weekend – beats having to wait for some other apps to arrive at 6:46pm onwards.

For those of you who have yet to try the Win10 devices, do note that the Lumia 640 series (including the XL) will be due for Win10 update and as TGB is one of the privileged and bold few to try the Win10 OS on his Lumia 830, well, recommended is just too much of an understatement.

Of course, the Lumia 640 XL comes pre-loaded with Lumia Denim which is already a killer UI compared with the earlier renditions of WinPhones.

So are you ready for the launch of Lumia 640 XL?  I know I am.

Microsoft Singapore, here me!!! Bring the Lumia 640 to me now!!!

Welcome to the Year 2012 Samsung

TGB have to run an event today, so no time to bitch about Samsung.

so here is a quick word to Samsung, Welcome to 2012 Sammy.

Nokia has it since Lumia 920.
Sony has it since 2013 amd integrated into their Battery Packs, Bluetooth Speakers etc.

Well you got the deal.


TGB believes that there will be no new flagship Z4 phones for MWC


But he is still looking forward to the announcement of Tablet Z4 and M4 that was leaked ahead of MWC.
Plus according to reliable sources, we will see quite a few variations of the Mid-Range Device M4 for different markets – some sources citing that there might be Water-Resistant version and they will intentionally have non-water resistant versions just to “slice down” the thickness.
And to curb rumours flying that Sony will be “axing” their Mobile division from some sites …

BOO-YAH!!!  As far as a up-close session with a key Sony Mobile executive have had recently, it is repeatedly hinted that plans for the Z family is stretching into even Z5 pipeline.

Sorry SamDung Fans, but Sony is here to stay.


And of course, TGB had been busy with his CNY Preparation, Work and CNY Celebrations that he totally forgotten to post for a while.

But here’s an upcoming toy to his collect … WHY?


Yes V3, I am coming to collect later this week yah!

And for SmartBand Talk Users, have you updated your SmartBand Talk’s Firmware to have interchangeable watchfaces?

WELL, I did.  And it is quite cheap-thrill lah to have that new WatchFace.
Shall not douse your fun here.  Go forth, update it yourself.