Whatsapp new calling feature, and why you shouldn’t be too excited about it.

Whatsapp have finally caught up with the game now, there is finally a “Voice-Call” feature in Whatsapp for you to chat real-time with your friends through the app (using your data of course).

If you are an android user and you might have noticed that your Whatsapp screen have changed slightly …


Yup, there is a new Tab that says, “CALL” … so having too much time on your hands now that you are done with “mourning” (for those who didn’t know, our Founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away 9 days ago) and cannot get back to “work-mode”?

Time to whip out your phone and start to call your friends on Whatsapp.


To be fair, this is a great addition to Whatsapp’s features, although most of us here would have already been using quite a handful of apps to “voice-call” your mates.  This is especially great if you are calling your friends from overseas, to you know, stay in touch on a more personal level.

That being said, didn’t VIBER, LINE and FACEBOOK Messenger have already been doing that for a while?

Also, TGB have tried a few calls this morning, and all I can say is that the voice quality is really bad.  I mean, I used to complain about Facebook Messenger’s Voice-call quality (whenever I am calling from a Singapore Network) until I went to Europe and discover that HALLELUJAH the voice-calling is crystal clear … meh, so it might just be Singapore’s Telco’s sucky network – but hey, dropping the calls after like 10secs is NOT ideal currently.

Next up, security … how do we know what we are “saying” is not recorded anywhere online, on whatsapp’s servers etc?  Can anyone tap into our lines?

Last but not least, privacy.  by gawd, with Whatsapp “messages” you can actually have a choice not to mute the thread or ignore the message and not let the other party know that you are “not interested in replying” … but with this call feature, I can’t seem to see anywhere that I can “Block” out just the call feature.  Perhaps there is a trick to that … so imagine, now instead of “drunk-messaging” … you have “Drunk Whatsapp-Voicecalling” your estranged spouse in the middle of the night maybe.

Oh well, let’s see when we will start reading articles about “drunk Whatsapp voicecalling” soon.

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