Here’s a reason why the Microsoft Lumia 950XL is gonna be my 1st USB Type-C device.


Continuum Bitch!  That’s right, Microsoft have finally done something that will lead pave the way for the future again.
TGB had a chance to literally touch the Lumia 950XL and the Lumia Continuum Dock over the last week when privately meeting up with his MSFT contact.  And boy, that was an interesting meeting.

Ignoring the fact that Lumia 950XL runs on TGB most dreaded chipset, the “fiery piece” SnapDragon 810 (then again, most of the WANTS from TGB’s list are running SD810), the entire idea and functionality of Continuum have changed the landscape of a businessman like TGB.

No more lugging around plentiful devices when you need to meet a client.  No more lugging around laptops on drives home or to office.  Just park your Continuum dock with a kickass 32″ screen (currently my office screen is at 27″)  and viola, remove the need for a laptop even … WHEEE!!!

lumia-950_57d91258-1f1f-4e27-8a33-918fa43bd6d6 Lumia-950-XL-continuum

All TGB can say is, TAKE MY MONEY (AGAIN) NOW Microsoft.

Is it December yet?


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