Xperia Z5 Premium to be released in Singapore in Mid-November 2015


Yes that’s right, you heard it first on The highly-anticipated Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is confirmed for launch in Singapore in Mid-November 2015 at a delicious price point of S$1,098.00.

Each Xperia Z5 Premium ordered during the (soon to be announced) Pre-Order Date will come with a free Quick-Charging Adaptor.

There will also be a Purchase-With-Purchase Deal for the brand new Sony Smart Band 2 with Heart Rate Sensor Monitor (see picture below.), at an irresistible price-point of S$99.00 only.  That’s TWO GOOD DEALS in one package!


SO, what are you waiting for?  If you know people in your favourite Sony Stores in Singapore, go make that ORDER NOW!

ps.  TGB has already placed his orders for the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (Gold) … Come to Papa!

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