Step Right In, To A Fantastical World

As most of you would know, TheGeekyBeng is also an owner of a very creative agency in Singapore dealing with Through-The-Line Creative works, Digital Marketing, Events Management and PR, known as ADD+ Creative.


ZERO LATENCY, Opening to public on 24th Nov 2017.  Located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-346/347, Singapore 038983

One of ADD+’s latest client is ZERO LATENCY, South-East Asia’s First Hyper-Immersive, Free-Roaming, Multi-Player Virtual Reality Gaming Platform that is opening its door to the public on 24th Nov 2017 (Friday) at 6pm sharp.

Tomorrow Entertainment, the company that brought BOUNCE to Singapore, launches a new era of lifestyle entertainment at Suntec City with Virtual Reality (VR) social gaming at Zero Latency Singapore, the irrefutable world-leader in location-based free-roaming VR entertainment that’s out of this world.

Massive plans have been announced to revolutionise VR gaming in Singapore by transforming 4,200 square feet of prime retail space at Suntec City (3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-346/347, Singapore 038983) into Zero Latency’s warehouse scale VR gaming zone.

TGB’s ADD+ Creative, being the official PR and Events Agency for ZERO LATENCY had the privilege to #StepRightIn earlier last week, before the Press Event that is running throughout this week with his team.



To be honest, we weren’t prepared at all to partake in the VR Game as we were onsite to do some measurements and stuffs, however, my client decided to get us as the guinea pigs for the system as it happened to be up on that day.

What happened in the next hour turned out to be the BEST.DAY.EVER. as TGB decided to skip his gym and indulge in a whole lot of Virtual Reality gaming.

Engineerium Screenshot.jpg

Engineerium, probably the most understated game of all time.

Engineerium: Enter a Fantastical World, Explore with your teammates and solve complex puzzles to move along in the game.

To Be Honest, we were totally blown over by how real ZERO LATENCY is … we started with Engineerium, a VR gaming platform that brings you into a Pandora like world (aka Avatar) and our minds were blown … literally into another world.

Let’s put it this way, we know that it is VR, yet everything felt so real, so engaging, so mesmerizing … that I was literally feeling hungry while I was in the game (ps. I don’t want to spoil what’s inside the game, but think Newton Hawker Centre and Geylang Lor 27 … *slurps*).

Zombie Survival Screenshot.jpg

Stay Alive, Hit Them On the Head, but watch out for the Fat One.

Zombie Survival: A team of 8-players fight on to survive … will you make it out alive?

Seriously, before playing this game, I had no  idea why everyone is so into ZOMBIES.  But once you get into the games, your adrenaline kicks in, and you just want to stay alive – on top of trying to stay on the TOP of the scoring chart.

But now, I have that immense love for shooting zombie, it is so much fun!  I tell you, this one hour spent in ZERO LATENCY made me sweat more than my usual gym sessions.  And bear in mind, we are in an air-con environment but we still sweat like mad.  So probably better that you try it out yourself and enjoy the game.

Speaking of trying out,  do you know that ZERO LATENCY Singapore is offering the 500th Ticket Booking a completely FREE SESSION on the time-slot for their booking?

Yup, as we are fast approaching the Pre-launch Ticket Booking session (which opens on 24th Nov 2017 – 6pm) ZERO LATENCY is fast approaching that elusive 500th Ticket sales.


Don’t Hold Back, Because The Zombies Won’t.

ZL PACKAGES RRP Launch Price Opening Hours
Engineerium +
Zombie Survival
S$69 S$59    Sundays through Thursdays (including Public Holidays) 10am to 10pm

Fridays and Saturdays (including eve of Public Holidays) 10am to 11pm

Zombie Survival + Zombie Survival S$69 S$59
Singularity S$69 S$59

Note:  Above information and packages subject to change

Register your interest now to enjoy ZERO LATENCY’s launch specials before they are booked out ahead of Day 1 on Friday 24th Nov 2017 at Zero Latency Singapore’s Website. To mark the launch of Zero Latency Singapore, tickets will be priced at S$59 per person (usual retail price at S$69 per person) and each session can accommodate up to 8 players simultaneously.

So, FAST HANDS FAST LEGS, go forth make your booking and get your FREE Session – who knows you might walk away being $472 richer (one full session is worth $472 for 8 players), and you can make more friends during this launch period.

*Disclaimer:  TheGeekyBeng and his employees are effectively ruled out of the 500th Ticket giveaway, even though he is organizing a few sessions for his other clients to explore – so don’t worry about Kelong here okay?

Well, I have got to go Suntec now, cannot wait to try Singularity Today!!!

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