FPS Gaming at its best: Zero Latency’s Singularity

Remember how I was saying that ZERO LATENCY’s Engineerium was in my opinion the most understated VR game of ZERO LATENCY.  Well, after trying Singularity twice in 02 days, TGB would like to revise his statement and declare this:

“If you only want to experience for one VR game in the world,
it has to be ZERO LATENCY.”


My mind was totally blown away by Singularity’s hyper-immersive world that I really didn’t want to get out. Exploring an abandon alien space station with hordes of killer robots didn’t sound that much fun, until your VR goggles turned on and you get transported into space as a squad of well, Outer-Terrestrial Police working hard to keep your unit safe and in the bigger picture, Earth save.

Singularity Screenshot.jpg

Combing the best features of FPS like Zombie Survival and the exploratory style of Engineerium, I see Singularity as the one game that links them all (did I just quoted LOTR?).

I was thinking to myself before my game experience, why the hell was this game called Singularity? And it dawned onto me midway through the game – everyone in the game have to work as one.  There are no one-man shows in the game itself, because your enemies are all working as one.  (Think Avengers: Age of Ultron where God of Thunder challenged the mad robot, Ultron and he unleashes all of himself literally ten and thousand of himself onto the heroes)


This is just a very SMALL sneak of what is coming at you in Singularity by ZERO LATENCY

TGB of course, being a BotW fanboy and a open-world concept lover didn’t do that well on his first attempt at Singularity, arming with his favourite secret weapon, the Beam gun.

That changed drastically, when TGB had the chance to #StepRightIn back into the world of Singularity with a bunch of his media friends.  Taking the lead on the game, and with his somewhat eidetic memory of the entire game, the 2nd try was much better and the coordination was a lot stronger, heck even changing weapons will also create a new feeling to the game completely.
But here’s the real deal.  During the first game, TGB was hanging out at the back – you know doing what the noobs would do, siam here and there … keep on dodging … but his 2nd attempt, as the “Leader-1” giving out instructions and taking leads on the game, he found himself crossing the Rubicon to become a full-fledged VR fanboy because even though he was playing the same game, the entire POV and gameplay direction differs.

Where you stand, what you see differs completely even though you are playing the same game – that gives that BotW vibe so strongly that, oh man I wished Zero Latency will have a “Sword” feature in their next update so that I can also slash some zombies and robots (ps. I am not a very good shooter myself, but I am one that is full of strategy)

Zero Latency’s free-roaming multi-player gameplay has the perfect experience for families, groups, and hardcore gamers alike. Zero Latency’s free-roaming multi-player gameplay has the perfect experience for families, groups, and hardcore gamers alike.

Singapore’s first Zero Latency arena will launch with three gaming worlds to choose from:

  • Engineerium (15 mins) – Perfect for first-timers and VR experimenters, this family-friendly fantasy alien world combines ancient floating platforms and puzzle challenges which will open your eyes to the phenomenal world of virtual reality.
  • Zombie Survival (15mins) – Bunker down in a fort surrounded by waves and waves of Zombies. Can you stay alive until the rescue team arrives? A medium-intensity gaming undead shooter experience that guaranteed to keep your adrenaline alive.
  • Singularity (30mins) – Hard core gaming just got serious. How will you fare against killer robots and rogue drones in zero gravity? Watch out for danger in a secret military space station; your survival will depend on which of four weapon modes (scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun) you use against the enemy so choose wisely.

Zero Latency’s hyper-immersive, state-of-the-art VR gaming experience in Singapore is the 14th branch on the planet following successful launches in major cities in Japan, USA, Spain and Australia. Up to eight players at a time don high-end VR headsets and military-style backpacks and enter a 360-degree interactive digital universe. Wireless technology allows each player to move around freely in the sprawling VR gaming space, as well as talk, interact and strategise with their team-mates in real time.

You can register your interest now to enjoy Zero Latency’s launch specials before they are booked out ahead of Day 1 on Friday 24th Nov 2017 at Zero Latency Singapore’s Website. To mark the launch of Zero Latency Singapore, tickets will be priced at S$59 per person (usual retail price at S$69 per person) and each session can accommodate up to 8 players simultaneously

ZL Price and Opening Hours


So MAI TU LIAO!  It is time to #StepRightIn and experience #ZEROLATENCYSG …



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