And the winners have collected their prizes (Less One)


Here are the list of the 8 Lucky Winners of TheGeekyBeng’s Great Nokia Accessories Giveaway.
All winner are contacts and most of them, except for 01 of the winner has already collected their lucky prizes from TGB.
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Announcing the 8 winners for TGB Great Nokia Giveaway



Congratulations to the following 8 winners of “TGB Great Nokia Giveaways”.

02 x Winners of Nokia JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speakers
1. Mr Martin Twist
2. Ms Tracy Lim

04 x Winners of Nokia Qi-Wireless Charging Stands
1.  Mr Wang Dao Lei
2. Mr Patrick Lee
3. Mr Edwin Choy
4. Mr Lester Chan

01 x Winner of Nokia Colour Talks –  A Set of 05 Colourful Bluetooth Headsets
1. Mr Siva Prabhu

01 x Winner of Nokia Purity Headset by Monster
1. Ms Grace Yap

Winners have already been notified by email on collection instructions.

As TGB will be heading to Europe on 29th July 2014, kindly arrange with TGB to collect the prizes before 28th July 2014.

All Winners will have to get their pictures taken and of course, will be shared on this Blog to show that it is a real deal.

For those of you guys that didn’t win, TGB would like to thank you for your participation and also, your support of making that Nokia Lumia 930 Purchase.


Qi-ing for Sony Xperia Z2 – the wait is over!

Finally it is here!


the much desired and highly useful, Qi-Wireless charging for Sony Xperia Z2 is truly here!

Just hot off the news that this nifty cover armed with Qi-Wireless charging capabilities will soon be release for Sony’s Super Duper Awesome Xperia Z2.

And yes, I have found a use again for my Nokia Qi-Wireless charging pad – which I have been having since Lumia 920 days.

Anyway, from the press releases:

Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 is a premium flip/booklet style protective cover for Xperia Z2 that enables your smartphone to be compatible with wireless Qi technology. This beautifully designed protective case not only further protects your Xperia Z2 from those objects in your pocket, but it also allows you to stand your phone at a convenient viewing angle on any desk or table, making internet browsing and watching videos much more comfortable.


A minimalist and stylish wireless charger, Wireless Charging Plate WCH10 provides convenient wireless charging using the latest Qi technology. Producing 5W of power, this wireless charger allows you to refuel the battery of your Xperia Z2, or any Qi compatible device, by simply placing it on the charging pad, whether you’re at home, in the office or in a café. All without any cables connecting to your smartphone.


Stay tuned to TGB for the avalibity and of course the pricing at Singapore retail store.

Now then, V3 Audio and Video, TGB chope one WCR12 first ah!  KthanxBye!

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 – best protection with Sony Style Cover SCR12

Since the launch of Sony’s much anticipated Xperia Tablet Z2 is around the corner (72hrs and counting – maybe less I hope) … TGB is looking around at the possible protection that his beloved new Tablet should be getting when he gets his hands on it.

SCR12-Style-Cover-Stand-gallery-01-1240x840-36051c25ce9507ef17bbebab93520123 SCR12-Style-Cover-Stand-black-1240x840-92cff66105b45f2e8a6043016826a30d SCR12-Style-Cover-Stand-smart-protective-cover-fdd91f03464f27b103768ed3b8b33f21-940


Sony Style Cover – RRP S$58.00 at all Sony Stores islandwide now.

Although, TGB would rather be getting this …

BKC50-Bluetooth-Keyboard-with-Tablet-Cover-Stand-gallery-03-1240x840-1adea8a34b8076b25aba1798c6212f54 BKC50-Bluetooth-Keyboard-with-Tablet-Cover-Stand-black-1240x840-bc1af015f543b87cb5d4644bc96a7851


Oh well, time to wait for V3’s call … Time goes by so slowly.

TGB buys the Sony Xperia Z2 & gets the Privilege Movie working too!

TGB had managed to lay his hands on a set of the widely touted as “shortage of devices” flagship device from Sony – The Xperia Z2.

i am sure if you guys go around online, you might find that there are a bazillion of “Oh-i-have-got-the-sought-after-device-yeahness” post all over the internet.

Well, this post is gonna be slightly different.

Most Sony users who have been using the Xperia devices at least since Xperia Z would have known about this nifty app called, Xperia Privilege Movies – yeah, the one that you get 06 free movies (for Singapore) with every purchase of the Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1?

For some weird reasons, here in Singapore, Sony has only chosen to work with M1 for the availability of the app on the latest Flagship device (let’s hope it is a temporary benefit meant to help M1 drive more sales.) – and being a Non-M1 user, I am not entirely sure if there are new movies etc to download.

But anyway, long story short, we cannot download the app on our device if we are outside of M1’s world.
So what does Geeks like me with our very active Privilege Movie account do on our new device?

Simple, we improvise!
GPGT, Xperia Privilege Movies worked on Z2!

As usual, Got Picture Got Talk (GPGT) … so if you need to know how to get around this and get it to work on your brand new Xperia Z2 … Leave your name and contact email here and I will share with you how to do so.  🙂