copter swing, just when you thought your phone is safe …


Trust me, if you think FlappyBirds was tough, well try this.

No i am serious. It is diabolically tough.

TGB can never get past 5points.
I fear for my Android phone`s screen.

Oh well, Copter Swing, now available on iOS App Store and Google Android PlayStore.

You have been warned.

Brace yourselves for awesomeness! Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact rumours getting real.

Well, a couple of hours ago, this was leaked online.

With the rumoured model number SGP621 it seems that the very recently rumoured Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact is fast becoming real.



BSC10 Bluetooth Speaker Dock with Magnetic Charging Pad

Did I tell you that the Sony BSC10 actually works very well with my Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 930 devices to play sweet awesome music, though I just cannot charge them … still use them as a “talking station” whenever I am on SKYPE.

This image above is apparently a revision to the BSC10, Bluetooth NFC Enabled Speaker Dock, which TGB is also very proud to have bought it from V3 Audio & Video in Sim Lim a couple of weeks ago.

Looks like Sony is not just gonna come up with new accessories to squeeze more moolah from their loyal consumers, unlike some Shamedung brands …

And from the maths of the attachments that comes along with the Sony BSC10, it seems that the Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact is gonna be a mere 6.5mm thick.


Because IFA 2014 is coming.  *ps. I should be in Berlin I think … DANG!

More leaked shots of Sony Xperia Z3

Let the leaks begin!

39335_02_more_leaked_shots_of_the_sony_xperia_z3_find_their_way_online 39335_03_more_leaked_shots_of_the_sony_xperia_z3_find_their_way_online Sony-Xperia-Z3


Rumours has it that it is 1.8mm thinner than Z2 … same screen size and lighter.  I hope there is an improvement to the camera thought.

It is September yet?

(Disclaimer:  Leaks from @evleaks, and TGB is not the original source of these leaked images.)

Of course, if there is not much improvement compared with Z2 … TGB shall for once say, “Thou Shall Pass!”

Sony Xperia C3 – Probably the world’s first Front Camera phone with Flash for the Selfie Addict


Sony has recently announced the Xperia C3 and C3 Dual – a front camera centric device that is designed for the Selfie addict in mind.  Armed with a LED Flash both at the front and the back, with 5MP camera and 8MP camera respectively.

The back camera is really nothing to shout about in the opinion of TGB.  No G-Lens, No OIS, nor any IP58 features.

The front camera is though an interesting concept.

5MP Wide-angle view lens that allows more to be captured on the camera for those who loves taking pictures of themselves.


Truly a lifestyle product for the narcissistic, i reckon this product will sell very well in developed cities like Taiwan, Singapore, China and Japan.

So for those of us who don’t take selfies (as much as we want to) and who hates seeing selfies on your Social Media feeds, brace yourselves!

Key Specs of Sony Xperia C3 (LTE version)
Display: 5.5″ Screen with Triluminious display
Resolution: 720 x 1280px
Processor: 1.2GHz Snapdragon
Storage: 8GB with Expandable Memory upto 32GB
Camera (Front/Back): 5MP/8MP
Battery Capacity: 2,500 mAh

Good enough for those of you who loves to take pictures of yourself.

Now to wait for the product and do a feature test against the HTC One M8, the only device that TGB thinks that by far has the best Selfie Feature in the market.

With sheer determination comes 03 new devices for TheGeekyBeng


Yup, TheGeekyBeng is proud to announce that he has managed to get his hands on both XiaoMi RedMi Note and XiaoMi RedMi 1S in today’s Flash Sales at .

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.01.13 pm

With pure strategy and determination, one can easily outwit the rest of the buyers and lay his hands on the desired gadgets within literally a second of sale.  TGB actually got the device at 12:00:05secs.

And what’s the 3rd device that is coming to TGB this week?


Enough Said.  TGB has dropped enough hints.

Stay tuned on Friday morning for a full run-down on the super awesome Nokia Lumia 930!

And now it is official, TGB is all set for Europe in three weeks time.

Some things in life that money cannot buy


Come 8th July at 1200hrs, TheGeekyBeng will be caught in a dilemma even with money it can never be solved.

With XiaoMi Singapore selling 5,000 pcs each of the super awesome RedMi series’ upgrades – RedMi Note (which TGB is dying to have) and the incremental specs upgrade of the original RedMi to RedMi 1S, and through experience, TGB knows that it is impossible to secure BOTH devices on one click.

These are dark times ahead of us, and TGB have to make that one decision that will change his Europe Trip in three weeks time.

To bring RedMi  Note with bigger battery life and better camera to Europe or to bring a faster RedMi 1S to Europe ?


And for those of you who are clueless on how to get the XiaoMi devices …  here’s a quick guide courtesy of XiaoMi Singapore Facebook page.

And yes, it is as brutal as trying to get the Nokia XL at 50% price.  Trust me.