TheGeekyBeng Time Wasters

Bored at work?  Braindead for School work?

Here’s how to waste some time on your desktop.

1. Turn off your Wifi.
2. Open your Google Chrome.
3. Select a webpage.
4. Press Space.
5. Have fun wasting time.


Nokia XL store update

Easier use of the Nokia store on XL after an app update this morning.


Looks pretty too.  Have you updated your Nokia X family?

And Singapore,  are you ready for the launch of Nokia XL in slightly over 51hrs to go?

Get your 50% discount code from this link when you register your interest for the awesome device.

How we know it is awesome?

TGB was window-shopping at IMM yesterday,  when he stroll into Coach Men’s Outlet Store and saw a bag that he have been putting off to buy.   An equally eagle-eyes Sales assistant caught a glimpse of the outstanding Nokia XL in TGB’s possession.   What was supposed to be a window-shopping trip left TGB with a 1.2k Coach Bag at 50% + 30% discount and a bunch of Coach sales assistants that is sold at the awesomeness of the Nokia XL.


Anyway,  impromptu lunches on a terrific Tues is always very rewarding.   And Coach IMM guys,  I will be back!

Post done on the Super Awesome Nokia XL.

Good Lobang for Singaporeans who loves quick breaks …

Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park is giving away a Staycation for their Facebook contest today!
Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it is TRUE!  No catches!


Steps to win.
1. Like this page
2. Share this post
3. And send a Private Message to the Communications Team with the Right Answer to be eligible as one of the possible winners!

Want the answer??? (answer after the click)

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TGB buys the Sony Xperia Z2 & gets the Privilege Movie working too!

TGB had managed to lay his hands on a set of the widely touted as “shortage of devices” flagship device from Sony – The Xperia Z2.

i am sure if you guys go around online, you might find that there are a bazillion of “Oh-i-have-got-the-sought-after-device-yeahness” post all over the internet.

Well, this post is gonna be slightly different.

Most Sony users who have been using the Xperia devices at least since Xperia Z would have known about this nifty app called, Xperia Privilege Movies – yeah, the one that you get 06 free movies (for Singapore) with every purchase of the Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1?

For some weird reasons, here in Singapore, Sony has only chosen to work with M1 for the availability of the app on the latest Flagship device (let’s hope it is a temporary benefit meant to help M1 drive more sales.) – and being a Non-M1 user, I am not entirely sure if there are new movies etc to download.

But anyway, long story short, we cannot download the app on our device if we are outside of M1’s world.
So what does Geeks like me with our very active Privilege Movie account do on our new device?

Simple, we improvise!
GPGT, Xperia Privilege Movies worked on Z2!

As usual, Got Picture Got Talk (GPGT) … so if you need to know how to get around this and get it to work on your brand new Xperia Z2 … Leave your name and contact email here and I will share with you how to do so.  🙂

Free MS Office for Android and iOS – Limited Time only

Apparently there is a free download of the all powerful Microsoft Office available today for iOS and Android OS.

Free Microsoft Office for iOS HERE
Free Microsoft Office for Android Platform HERE

There is a kicker though.

Free MS Office - doesn't download on Xperia Z Ultra

For some weird reasons, TGB’s Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the only device that cannot download the Freebie.

Devices that TGB has managed to download the freebie.

  • iPod Touch 5th Gen
  • iPad Mini
  • XiaoMi Mi3
  • Sony Xperia Z1
  • Sony Xperia Z

No Samsungs was touched in the process.  but TGB would love to get his hands on the new HTC M8 and try out how MS Office works on it.  *big wide grin*



APK Found.  Microsoft Office installed on my Xperia Z Ultra.  Thus it will work with ALL Android Tablets also.
Google for the APK or be nice and ask me nicely for it. 🙂