copter swing, just when you thought your phone is safe …


Trust me, if you think FlappyBirds was tough, well try this.

No i am serious. It is diabolically tough.

TGB can never get past 5points.
I fear for my Android phone`s screen.

Oh well, Copter Swing, now available on iOS App Store and Google Android PlayStore.

You have been warned.

Marvel’s Avengers Alliance – epic Geek game is now on Windows Store!

Somehow TGB missed this big new!
Apparently, Windows 8 store now has the super Epic Geek Game, Marvel’s Avengers Alliance.

Screenshot (36) Screenshot (37)

All i can say is “HURRAY!”

Now I just wonder how long am I gonna take to reach my Facebook version’s epic level … as usual, Got Picture Got Talk!

Don’t be jealous yah, just get even with my level ok?

TGB’s perspective: Why Flappy Bird’s latest “pulling out by developer” is going to be a publicity stunt.

The internet has been abuzz with the hot sensational news of the currently hottest game on iOS and Android – Flappy Bird’s pull-out by developer .
And TGB believes that this is no less than a publicity stunt though “masterfully” guided by some bigger gaming corporation to drive-up downloads and hit an-all-time-high.

Why would anyone in the right frame of mind, unless legally binding, be pulling out an app that is taking the world by storm?
And what happens to those of us who already have downloaded the games? 🙂

Of course, days ago, we heard of this news that WP8 users would be getting some Flappy Bird love and that the developer is someone from Vietnam, and WP8 devices, especially Lumia devices have an extremely strong base in the country.  So why, all of the sudden are we hearing this piece of news today, especially when there is already an exact clone of it on WP8 devices?


These question only hint to us that there is a bigger picture coming.  Let’s sit and wait.

*Legal Disclaimer:  These are just views from my perspective and I am sharing my opinions for everyone to consider.