Free MS Office for Android and iOS – Limited Time only

Apparently there is a free download of the all powerful Microsoft Office available today for iOS and Android OS.

Free Microsoft Office for iOS HERE
Free Microsoft Office for Android Platform HERE

There is a kicker though.

Free MS Office - doesn't download on Xperia Z Ultra

For some weird reasons, TGB’s Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the only device that cannot download the Freebie.

Devices that TGB has managed to download the freebie.

  • iPod Touch 5th Gen
  • iPad Mini
  • XiaoMi Mi3
  • Sony Xperia Z1
  • Sony Xperia Z

No Samsungs was touched in the process.  but TGB would love to get his hands on the new HTC M8 and try out how MS Office works on it.  *big wide grin*



APK Found.  Microsoft Office installed on my Xperia Z Ultra.  Thus it will work with ALL Android Tablets also.
Google for the APK or be nice and ask me nicely for it. 🙂


Why I Love Telegram – the Whatsapp Replacement Messenger!

After a series of unfortunate news about Whatsapp:


TGB decided to revisit his old apps that he have downloaded and yet seemingly no one seems to be crazy about it in Singapore.  And of course, he have chosen Telegram.

Not only Telegram is working across all major Mobile Platform, iOS, Android and WP8 – it also works for desktops operating systems …

Best part, it is completely free!

Here’s a complete list of apps on each different OSes that supports Telegram, some official, some unofficial.


All our applications support phones and tablets, including no-wifi devices.
Unofficial alpha apps for Windows Phone can be found below.


Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.48.12 pm

Windows Phone Unofficial

Personally, TGB is using Migram on his Lumia 1520.  Ngram for some weird reasons didn’t work on his device and Arkagram seems a bit laggy.


For the Clueless and the totally haven’t used Instant Messaging

Hey, let’s switch to Telegram

The link says it all.

For WP8 device users like me, we can download NGram, or my personal favourite, Akragram.

And it is simple to install and use. Best of all, you can seamlessly transfer between devices without losing your old messages because of different OS.

Whichever loser of a Telco that plans to charge OTT providers or their post-paid customers extra for such services should really relook into their strategies.


OneDrive is now ready for download

It is official. Microsoft’s Skydrive is now known as OneDrive.

Be the first to download and use this incredibly easy to navigate Cloud service now at a simple click to this website, .

As usual, GpGt, here is a picture for you.

Am installing it on my beloved Lumia 1520 and my MBP now.


UPDATE:  Here’s a sneak peek at what is my current capacity.

It can be more ... do u hear me Microsoft? :P

It can be more … do u hear me Microsoft? 😛


TGB’s perspective: Why Flappy Bird’s latest “pulling out by developer” is going to be a publicity stunt.

The internet has been abuzz with the hot sensational news of the currently hottest game on iOS and Android – Flappy Bird’s pull-out by developer .
And TGB believes that this is no less than a publicity stunt though “masterfully” guided by some bigger gaming corporation to drive-up downloads and hit an-all-time-high.

Why would anyone in the right frame of mind, unless legally binding, be pulling out an app that is taking the world by storm?
And what happens to those of us who already have downloaded the games? 🙂

Of course, days ago, we heard of this news that WP8 users would be getting some Flappy Bird love and that the developer is someone from Vietnam, and WP8 devices, especially Lumia devices have an extremely strong base in the country.  So why, all of the sudden are we hearing this piece of news today, especially when there is already an exact clone of it on WP8 devices?


These question only hint to us that there is a bigger picture coming.  Let’s sit and wait.

*Legal Disclaimer:  These are just views from my perspective and I am sharing my opinions for everyone to consider.


Going Pro – 12.9″ iPad (Pro) rumoured coming to us in 2014 – 4K Screens anyone?

With the success of bigger screens on mobile devices like the highly successful (IMHO the only right thing that Samsung has contributed to the mobile device world) Galaxy Note II, Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra and the much-anticipated Nokia Lumia 1520 (1st WP8 Phablet) – it is no wonders that rumours of Apple going with bigger iPhones soon is not something that we do not NOT SEE online here and there.
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