Windows Phone 8.1 Update is coming!

Hot on the heels of the Windows Phone 8.1 update (In the form of Lumia Cyan for most of us), the latest news from Microsoft is that there’s going to be a further update called, “Windows Phone 8.1 Update”, yes with a capital “U”. For convenience’s sake most people should just continue to call it GDR1, or at least Update 1, which is what I will call it.

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Geek Level: Maximum – A Blasphemy mix of the Best in all worlds for Android users

On 21st Feb 2014 at 12:00pm (technically since 8am I was in office, sitting in front of the laptop trying to get into to buy the super affordable and In-My-Opinion, overly powerful for that price range device) I was one of the many thousands of people who was left disappointed that we didn’t get the device, XiaoMi RedMi.

And NO, this post is not a post to complain about me not being able to get the device … in fact, this is a post that I am writing for two purpose:

A. To share with the world, the wonderful experience that I had with XiaoMi’s customer service team over the phone in spite of their extremely difficult day at the Online Sale.

B. Even if you didn’t get RedMi (the device) is ok – find out how you can get Mi User Interface on your Android Device and some tips/tricks that I have found out about this immensely powerful UI that is fully customizable.

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The Perfect Ang Pow this Chinese New Year

Piping hot deals now available at all Nokia Stores. Wah $50 Angpow wor!!!
Plus, below SGD200 for a 1GB RAM Entry Level Phone … MTL!

Wondering what to give this Chinese New Year ? TGB has sourced out some juicy deals on Nokia devices for this coming Chinese New Year.

Nokia Singapore has just announced this AWESOME deals on 6 of the HOTTEST & the LATEST Nokia devices.

First Switched on at the event

First Switched on at the event

Say “HUAT AH!” with style when you get the Hot (and everyone will agree that it is Lucky) Glossy Red Nokia Lumia 1520 this Lunar New Year at your sweet reunion dinner, all for a irresistible price of S$899.00 – not forgetting that it comes with a Mega-sized screen that offers you better viewing that any Phablet in the market!

And as with Food-Photography Enthusiast, capture  more than your eyes can see when you take pictures of those abalones and delicacies on the table with the Nokia Lumia 1020 for just $799 and with the recent Nokia Black Update, the pictures taken from this monster would definitely bring much compliments, likes and comments from your relatives and friends this New Year.   Oh did we mention that Nokia is throwing in an extra Camera Grip – that’s right, Worth S$89 buck … it is your for FREE when you buy during this Lunar New Year.  Stability in taking pictures, extra battery life and unique design … what else can you ask for this Lunar New Year?

Need a big phone but yet don’t want to spend big money?  Well, here’s another choice for ya, the confirmed-guaranteed-plus-chopped Good Buy must Buy Best Buy device, the super-newest Lumia 1320.  Who says a Phablet need to cost you an arm and a leg?  Armed with 6″ Screen and a super Battery Life with 3,400MHa capacity … the Lumia 1320 is the perfect Mid-range device for those who wants to try out WP8 but yet cannot do without watching their Movies and Songs.  Great Screen, Superb Sound and Prosperous colours  – mine was an Orange set – who says Lunar New Year cannot get better?  Oh yes, Nokia is giving away free Headset hor, don’t say never inform ah!

Last but not least, to those still thinking hard of what to give to the seniors in the family, look no further, the new and hottest Nokia Lumia 525 is now available for a stunning price of $199 !

Red and Yellow and White and Black - the super colourful but highy capable Nokia Lumia 525 is first launched in Singapore!

Red and Yellow and White and Black – the super colourful but highy capable Nokia Lumia 525 is first launched in Singapore!

At under $200, the Nokia Lumia 525 running on the lag-free-OS of WP8 offers stability and fluidity that no other low end phones in the market can provide. And with the simply and intuitive interface, it makes the perfect gift to any senior and watch them join the tech-wagon as they slowly discover the apps and games on the marketplace . Whats more ! the 525 offers 1GB of ram which makes it compatible with all the apps in the marketplace ! No more compromises !

The Nokia Ang Pow comes with MS Marketplace’s App voucher (worth S$50.00), along with a stew of other great gifts, is given to all new purchases of the 6 devices mentioned above.  Feel free to shop for the lastest and greatest games and apps in the marketplace! We at TGB suggests that you grab a set (or two) today at the nearest Nokia Store or their Solution Partners !

BONUS INTRO: for all you GG (Gambling Ghost) out there, if people say WP8 no have 4D/Toto App, please tell them, GPGT!
The “HUAT AH! 4D TOTO” App’s results is annouced FASTER than your LIVE 4D (if you are using for free) … results is out by 6:39pm usually.  Don’t say TGB bo jio ha!