With sheer determination comes 03 new devices for TheGeekyBeng


Yup, TheGeekyBeng is proud to announce that he has managed to get his hands on both XiaoMi RedMi Note and XiaoMi RedMi 1S in today’s Flash Sales at http://www.mi.com/sg .

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.01.13 pm

With pure strategy and determination, one can easily outwit the rest of the buyers and lay his hands on the desired gadgets within literally a second of sale.  TGB actually got the device at 12:00:05secs.

And what’s the 3rd device that is coming to TGB this week?


Enough Said.  TGB has dropped enough hints.

Stay tuned on Friday morning for a full run-down on the super awesome Nokia Lumia 930!

And now it is official, TGB is all set for Europe in three weeks time.

[A Reliable Rumour] Launch of Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 in Singapore

Amidst all the chatter about the super-powerful camera device, Sony’s Xperia Z2’s confusing launch date in Singapore, TGB has  gotten word that Sony’s Workhorse-of-a-Tablet, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 will be launched in Mid-April 2014 at all Sony Centres and Sony Authorised Retailers Islandwide.

No word on the “Freebies” as of yet, but the LTE Version will be priced at S$888 while the Wifi-only Version will be priced at S$688 as previously mentioned.

TGB will definitely be Pre-ordering (I mean, really was that even a question?) the Xperia Tablet Z2 from his favourite Sony Retail store and of course, demanding that he should get the following accessories along with his proud new purchase.


BSC-10 – NFC-Enabled BlueTooth Speaker Dock: Good for conducting Meetings in Office Conference Room via Skype.

BKC50 – NFC-Enabled BlueTooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand: Fit for a busy businessman like TheGeekyBeng


And don’t forget the  NFC-Enabled BRH-10 Remote Controller + Handsfree Answering Kit.  I believe this comes free with every Tablet Z2 Purchase worldwide.

Ok people, Standby your wallets.

Fancy a trip to NYC to attend the Premier of “The Amazing Spiderman 2” ? Here’s your chance!

TheGeekyBeng knows when it is time to be thick-skinned …
And now is the opportune moment to have my skin thicker than the Bitumen that we use to make the roads (as one of my oldest friend’s Dad alway used to comment about his son’s thick-skinned nature over 2 decades ago.).

That’s right, apparently it is a trip to NYC (not entirely sure if it is a fully paid trip with first class tickets etc.) to watch the premier of “The Amazing Spiderman 2” …
Gosh, a trip to NYC, plus first to catch Marvel’s (technically the movie is a Sony movie) Spiderman 2 – featuring Half of the Sinister Six team? (ok, by know you should know I am pulling out all my Big Cards of Geekiness to win this).

Well, as TGB always says … GPGT (got picture got talk) …
2Capture Capture

Now I promised myself that in this year of the Horse, which is my 犯太岁 year, i should lay-low and keep a low profile, but this is NOT the time to do so.

So, Sony Singapore, you can declare the winner now.  KthanxBye!

To download Sony’s Xperia Lounge and participate in this game … click on this link.

Other than that, just twitter and hashtag #TheGeekyBengShouldGoNYC4Spiderman2 … LOL!

Gone Wild with Lumia 1520 in Indonesia, Karimun Island

Two days ago, TGB went on an adventure with a bunch of friends (all tech-geeks) to the nearby island of Karimun Indonesia.

Though I have captured under 50 pictures on the Lumia 1520, there is one of a personal favourite NatGeo Wild moment that I had captured at the Balai Watefall (it is a very tiny waterfall, trust me) which I would like to share with you guys.

The above picture is actually a zoomed in on screen image of the original picture that TGB has taken, and just screenshot to perfection.

What’s amazing about the images captured by the Lumia 1520, especially since it was a tiny wild life that is moving about in that split second that the image was being taken besides the quality and clarity of the image was a simple fact that this was done under one second and in one time shot.

Here’s the actual image that I had capture via Nokia Camera.

If you are not amazed by the super awesomeness of the Nokia Lumia 1520 (hey it is NOT their highest MP flagship camera hor!) and still continue to be blindly follow the herding mentality of Samsung especially the bloatware infused Note 3 … then continue to be foolish.

Outstanding Service Level from Nokia Care Centre Singapore – KUDOS!

As with my last post, I had to send my beloved Nokia Lumia 1520 into the “Mobile Phone Hospital” or Service Centre for repairs.  Many of us tech-geeks dread visiting these places.  Long queues aside, the poor service, the way they check your device like as though you were some criminal – though that being their protocol to check the device, some of these service crew lacked basic EQ to manage the already frustrated customers with their CPIB style checking and investigative analysis of your device  – bedside manners lacking yes.

But this particular trip to Nokia Service Centre in HarbourFront/Vivocity has given me hopes that Nokia has actually hear us and is truly seeking to improve their aftersales service with a great team at the Service Centre.
Firstly, I sent my device in on a Monday at 3pm in the afternoon, with a simple and sincere plea – “I need to fly off on Thurs morning first thing, so can I please get it by Weds afternoon/evening so that I can bring it along?”

Many of you who have read my earlier post would remember how badly damaged my screen was.

It was almost beyond repairs – I was really trying my best with my most radiant smile to get them to agree with me.

The service lady, Jasmine, promptly and readily agreed to my request and told me she will expedite it – I do think it is great to play nice, a long forgotten trait of many Singaporeans – we in our very tiny and closed-up way think that we are entitled to everything – well, at least most keyboard warriors.

So yesterday evening at 7pm while I was busy sweating it out during my Spinning Class in California Gym Bugis, I received a text message from Nokia, saying that my device is ready for pick-up.
All I can just think of was, WOW!!!  Within 28hrs and they settled everything?  SWEE lah!  Too bad, by the time my Spinning Class end and i hit the showers, it was already 745pm.  Not enough time to make it back home to get the Service Form and make it down to Vivocity to collect.

So i decided to collect it today, after lunch.  And guess what, not only the service was completely free-of-charge, I gotten a total fix of even the tiniest issues like a dead pixel and the dreaded Lumia 1520 light sensor bug.  On top of that, I collected the phone from submission of my Service Form to leaving the NCC within 5 mins – making my parking at Vivocity – FREE – plus i managed to spend a minute in my car chatting with a friend before I made my way up to NCC.

The Shiny New Screen of my beloved Lumia 1520 is now back, shinier than ever!

Best part of my experience with Nokia today?
I plugged in my Nano-SIM, did a soft-reset so that the phone can recalibrate itself to my old account and eveything was back in order in 20mins – just the way that I left it on Monday – all thanks to WP8’s unique backup system from your MS Account.


Oh dear Lumia 1520, how I missed you so.  Daddy’s gonna bring you to Phuket tomorrow to take some really good shots ok?

TheGeekyBeng goes Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE)

After gym yesterday, decided to go Vivocity Mall for some light shopping and took a detour to test out the new Marina Coastal Expressway.

Nice wide roads, very welcoming and the speed limit at 80KM *which meants 89KM for me* was a gesture that my “right foot” cannot resist – since I took KPE (Kallang-PayaLebar Expressway) a lot and I always get tired of driving at 79KM/hr.

Most impressive with the scenic exit that we have at the western end of the MCE.

VIDEO SHOT ENTIRELY on the super awesome Nokia Lumia 1520.