TheGeekyBeng hiatus will end, very soon

Ran into a few friends over the last month and many asked about what is going on with TGB, and why did I disappear again …

Looks like I should focus on writing pieces that matters and talk more about the geeky side of being an Ah Beng in singapore.

Utterly Disappointed with @Microsoft_SG #Surface Pro 4 Launch in Singapore

Yesterday was the official launch event for Microsoft Singapore at MAD Museum in Tanglin Road.

TGB was invited there as a media guest sort of to cover the event.

Perhaps it is because of my high expectations from MSFT’s almost perfect keynote presentation during the announcement of the Surface family two months ago.

Or perhaps it is because of my fulltime job “Events Organizer” is just setting unrealistic expectations for the perfect launch party.

First we get a deadbeat presenter from MSFT that is  regurgitating marketing facts and finds – off the screen no less.  TGB and his gang of kakis nearly fell asleep right in front of the presenter.  Yes, we were so bored with his monotonous presentation that we started playing around with our sleeker devices on our hands … the energy level simply wasn’t there.

Well, next we have an awesome product presentation by Jack, yes, he is the Angmor in the picture above.  Great showmanship, but marred by extremely bad sound system.  Audio feedback, vocal losses from his lapel microphone etc – it simply showed how little MSFT cared for their launch of Surface Pro 4 in Singapore.

Well, of course, they had that “exciting” game of winning a brand new Surface Pro 4.  Plenty of upsets in the game.  No organize system, no rules … it seems as though it is being made-up as it goes along.

Heck, even though one of my friends won the Surface Pro 4, which I am genuinely happy for him, I feel so bad for those two out of the five contestants that is standing there ‘playing by the rules’ while one of the KEY enthusiastic player clearly had broken so many basic game rules that I think he didn’t deserve any of the 15pts that he should have gotten.

Let’s talk about the events flow.  None to begin with. After the presentation ended, the game ended … and what?  it was an entire piece of mess.  Why?  simple … the “Fans” were thrown into the mix with the media.  So MSFT, HOW-THE-F are we suppose to cover your event again in such tight space and well, throw in kiasu-singaporeans into the mix … there we go.

And finally, service level.  MAD Museum’s service level is atrocious!  To Be Honest, I only took two drinks (one before the launch – which was a horrible cocktail called Surface Cocktail – it sucked!) and one after 40mins of deadbeat presentation + trying to fight my way to the area(s) that interest me, I gave up – and had to walk to the bar counter myself to pick up a drink with a condescending look from the service crew.

Perhaps it is the budget that MSFT have set for their events Agency … or perhaps MSFT should simply fire their existing events agency – but I am pretty sure MSFT can do and should do a lot better.

Dear Microsoft Singapore, in order to #DoGreatThings, first you really need to step out of your bl**dy comfort zone.  Only with evolution, comes great things.

– ps. this is not the first time I am disappointed with a Microsoft_SG event.  Windows 10 launch at Mohd Sultan was equally a joke.


Xperia Z5 Premium to be released in Singapore in Mid-November 2015


Yes that’s right, you heard it first on The highly-anticipated Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is confirmed for launch in Singapore in Mid-November 2015 at a delicious price point of S$1,098.00.

Each Xperia Z5 Premium ordered during the (soon to be announced) Pre-Order Date will come with a free Quick-Charging Adaptor.

There will also be a Purchase-With-Purchase Deal for the brand new Sony Smart Band 2 with Heart Rate Sensor Monitor (see picture below.), at an irresistible price-point of S$99.00 only.  That’s TWO GOOD DEALS in one package!


SO, what are you waiting for?  If you know people in your favourite Sony Stores in Singapore, go make that ORDER NOW!

ps.  TGB has already placed his orders for the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (Gold) … Come to Papa!

Here’s a reason why the Microsoft Lumia 950XL is gonna be my 1st USB Type-C device.


Continuum Bitch!  That’s right, Microsoft have finally done something that will lead pave the way for the future again.
TGB had a chance to literally touch the Lumia 950XL and the Lumia Continuum Dock over the last week when privately meeting up with his MSFT contact.  And boy, that was an interesting meeting.

Ignoring the fact that Lumia 950XL runs on TGB most dreaded chipset, the “fiery piece” SnapDragon 810 (then again, most of the WANTS from TGB’s list are running SD810), the entire idea and functionality of Continuum have changed the landscape of a businessman like TGB.

No more lugging around plentiful devices when you need to meet a client.  No more lugging around laptops on drives home or to office.  Just park your Continuum dock with a kickass 32″ screen (currently my office screen is at 27″)  and viola, remove the need for a laptop even … WHEEE!!!

lumia-950_57d91258-1f1f-4e27-8a33-918fa43bd6d6 Lumia-950-XL-continuum

All TGB can say is, TAKE MY MONEY (AGAIN) NOW Microsoft.

Is it December yet?

Sony’s super awesome (and super portable) Mobile Projector goes on Pre-Order tomorrow across Singapore.

Due to the thick-skinned nature of TGB, he had the privilege to fiddle wih Sony’s latest gadget the super awesome and epically portable Mobile Projector, the MP-CL1 Mobile Projector.
Yes, TGB had came across the device while attending the Press Launch for the extremely powerful device Xperia Z5 (that’s another story) … and using his usual Ah Beng Candidness, he struck up a conversation with the PR team to trial the Mobile Projector for the last week.

As some of you might know, TGB have a day-job running a creative and events agency.  The mobile projector does actually come in EXTREMELY handy for TGB’s day-time business use.  Literally, all TGB needs to bring is his super handy Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact (or any one of his Xperia mobile devices whichever he fancied) and the MP-CL1 and BOOM!!! Instant presentation for his clients – no need to worry about the weight NOR the connections.  Everything is wireless or wired via a Mini-HDMI input if you liked.

Selection Of Input

So here’s the good news.

The MP-CL1 is available for Pre-Orders tomorrow island wide in Singapore for S$549.00!  YES Unbelievably cheap!  Across all Sony Retail Centres.

It comes with the following Freebies.

·         CP-V5A 5,000mAh USB Portable Charger (worth S$49)

·         PRME-MP Pouch

·         PRME-MP Tripod and Clamp

And mind you, you can actually make a Purchase-with-Purchase on the MP-CL1 for nearly half-the-price.  It works wonders with the MP-CL1 Mobile Projector actually.


So, Dear V3, if you are reading this … Pls place my PRE-ORDER NOW!

(ps. as TGB is quite sick from the potent flu virus he have gotten from taking care of his nephews over the weekend, he shall give an indepth look at the MP-CL1 soon, along with Xperia Z5, MS Surface Book etc.)

Microsoft game changing Keynote: A drool-worthy lot of Win10 Devices announced in NYC – Oct 2015.

Microsoft announced a whole lot of Win10 devices last night (Singapore time 2200hrs) at New York City.

As TGB needed to get up earlier to prepare for his Day-Job meeting, he will be updating the entire keynote with details for the following items:

  1. Microsoft Band
  2. Lumia 950 & Lumia 950 XL
  3. Surface Pro 4
  4. Surface Book

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the images that TGB have captured.

Awesomeness Unleashed.

Awesomeness Unleashed.