FPS Gaming at its best: Zero Latency’s Singularity

Remember how I was saying that ZERO LATENCY’s Engineerium was in my opinion the most understated VR game of ZERO LATENCY.  Well, after trying Singularity twice in 02 days, TGB would like to revise his statement and declare this:

“If you only want to experience for one VR game in the world,
it has to be ZERO LATENCY.”


My mind was totally blown away by Singularity’s hyper-immersive world that I really didn’t want to get out. Exploring an abandon alien space station with hordes of killer robots didn’t sound that much fun, until your VR goggles turned on and you get transported into space as a squad of well, Outer-Terrestrial Police working hard to keep your unit safe and in the bigger picture, Earth save.

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