The Phone that we have all been waiting for, Xperia Z5 #SonyMobileSG #XperiaZ5 (Part 1)

Media Launch of Z5 series in Singapore

Introducing the world’s first 4K SmartPhone screen, Xperia Z5 Premium.

There is no denying, Xperia Z5 series is definitely the phone of the season.

TheGeekyBeng was kindly invited to attend the S.E.A. Media launch at Suntec City Convention Centre yesterday.
And boy, was he glad that he skipped his day-job (ok, he was still pretty much contactable via phone and whatsapp so he didn’t really skipped it anyway.) to attend the event.


Things that makes Z5 series stands out


The entire Sony Xperia Z5 series has been redesigned slightly to give it an edge over the leading phone brands in the market.
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Holy Jesus … I think I just creamed my pants looking at this … #Lumia #leaks

Leaked Upcoming Lumia Flagships

Holy Balloony!!!  This is such a share worthy leak that I have to quickly write about it on my blog.

According to The Verge, the above are press renders of upcoming Microsoft Lumia devices that runs on Win10 …
Much rumoured as Talkman and Cityman, the Black and the Cyan respectively.

Lumia 950 XL (Cityman) is supposingly to be equipped with a 20MP Pureview (pls hang on while I just techno-gasm a little on this piece of wonderful device.) and a 5.7″ WQHD display.  Oh yes, this is definitely gonna be my FIRST USB-Type C Port device (yes, TGB is freaking holding back for USB-Type C until MS comes out with the first device that has it.) and of coz … the much anticipated Surface Pen. Only downside is the Snaprdragon 810 Processor … but TGB is gonna take the leap of faith and jump into the SD810 chip this time as i think it is long enough to avoid the literal hotness of that chip.


And with the USB-Type C on Lumia 950XL or Cityman … you can actually expand your usage of USB devices through an adaptor much like how MacBook works.  GREAT! Now more excuse for me to change to a MacBook Gold then.

As such, this device is built for the City Dwelling Gentleman like myself … I.MUST.OWN.IT.NOW!

Lumia 950 (Talkman) is slightly smaller, with 5.2″ screen and runs on SD808 processor … but everything else quite similar.

Oh did I mention both comes with 32GB storage and SD card expansion + Qi-Wireless charging?  I didn’t right?
Great, now I did.

And of course, Battery life.  XL comes with 3,300 mAh battery, while the smaller brother comes with 3,000mAH battery – enough to last me the whole day with my heavy usage from my Lumia 1520 experience.

Enough information to make you cream your pants yet?

#StRegis #Singapore – 5 Star Hotel, 1 Star Service

Today being TGB’s hatchday, I have decided to celebrate well, my 37 years young day in the exclusive hotel of St. Regis with some of my closest friends.

From the time the payment was made till yesterday, I had corresponded with the Butler Service of St. Regis on multiple occasions for multiple questions and request that I would like cleared up.

Originally booking for a simple room at S$480 (inclusive of taxes), the Room Sales team had managed to make me part with an additional $450 before taxes and service charge for an Executive Suite – with the promised use of their Wet Lounge in the Spa and also Evening Soriee at the Restaurant.

From the time I checked in till today, the service here at St. Regis Singapore is literally nonexistent,  response from them has been glacial speed at best.

After checking in for nearly 20hours, I have still didn’t see my so called birthday surprise that was “promised” to me in the first email correspondence with them in their reply.

Ok, to be fair, the best surprise I have gotten from them is the 1-Star service from this super not worth it Hotel.

I have definitely stayed at hotels at 20% of the price that I have paid here and gotten services that is beyond out-standing.

As I am typing now, the “Butler Service” has just sent the food in and guess what, I wonder how do they actually correspond with the more quality guest here at the St. Regis when the servers can’t even speak proper English.

It is service standards like this that gives Singapore a bad name.

To all the world-travelers that is thinking about staying with St. Regis Singapore … DON’T.

It is official, the C5 Ultra from Sony is now easily the most Selfie-focused device

Girls, it is time to scream.  The Ultimate Selfie Phone for you is here.


6″ Full HD IPS Screen with super-thin bezel, and armed with 02 x 13mp Sony Sensors on a 2,960mAh battery …
Plus the Front camera packed its own Flash , having come with its own hard-camera button.  *hyperventilate*

Running on Android Lollipop out of the box with built-in 16GB, awwww not enough space? …not to worry … you can expand up to 200GB (is that enough for your bazillions of selfies?) … the Sony Xperia C5 is due to be the biggest Selfie-Phone for all you Selfie fanatics.


Oh yes, if you are a smart-traveler … do know that the Sony Xperia C5-Ultra also comes with Dual Sim Variant … so time to hit the gym ladies … you should bring this to the most exotic beaches that you can take the most beautiful selfie of yourselves.
Expect a launch price of S$500 around Mid-August with colours in White Black and Aqua Green(??) …

An Epic Rant to Sony Mobile …


As you guys know, I am usually a Pro-Sony Mobile person.  However, due to some gut instincts, I have decided to not make the purchase of the not-so-recently released Sony Xperia Z3+.

Here are some of my own personal reasons for not buying the Xperia Z3+.

1. Dear Sony, you changed all the freaking magnetic docks … WHAT THE HELL am I gonna do with 6 different Magnetic Docks that I have owned since Xperia Z1?

2. And oh, the Qi-Wireless Casing that I bought for my Xperia Z3 … with the launch of Xperia Z3+, you have rendered the S$128 accessory use-impaired … can see, maybe can fit but cannot friggin use … because of the removing of the Magnetic Ports … WISE MOVE SONY.

3. Incremental update of Processor + change to an “open port” for charging … yes Sony, but you do know that your open Ports from the past (ie. 3.5mm audio port) that is open is PRONE to corrosion by water?  I have personally experienced that with my Z2 and Z3 … in fact they were so bad that I only use Wireless connectivity for all my connections, including backing up of my device (that’s the perk, you can wirelessly connect to your PC with your Sony device.).

So after TGB is a little abit pissed off with the announcement of Z3+ and Tablet Z4, mainly due to personal reasons above, he have decided to move on with his life.  However, the ghost of Sony Mobile Singapore’s (sorry friends in Sony Mobile Singapore) incompetence comes back to haunt TGB big time.

You see, even though TGB didn’t buy the Xperia Z3+ or the Xperia Tablet Z4, he have still successfully converted at least 10 personal friends to get the Sony Xperia Z3+ …

But that’s where the headache started.

Almost on a daily basis, TGB have to become tech-support for one common issue … THE BLOODY OVERHEATING of Z3+ due to the SnapDragon 810 processor.

Same thing that I chided Samsung about, and now Sony is following into their footsteps – UPGRADE to latest for the sake of upgrading is NOT a step forward.  In the first place, Sony Mobile have yet to solve their “4K Video Recording Crash” issues, and this new process have brought everything to new heights …. crashing the phone with just the camera on … and temperature running to 66degC on a device?  WOW!!! Are we going for some outdoor cooking that we didn’t know Sony’s new Z3+ can do?

I am sorry Sony, but you have been nothing but a disappointment of late.

You have made a lot of TGB’s friends very ANGRY!